From AlterNet: Why are the Danes so happy? Is it because of income equality? Perhaps, but Danish chef Trine Hanhnemann has another theory: Part of the reason the Danes are so happy is because they cook so much, both for themselves and for friends. I think she might be on to something. Even something modest and simple like, say, chicken soup, can bring about a wonderful camaraderie. People like to be fed.

From the Associated Press: Apparently, Jon Bon Jovi understands that people like to be fed. He and his wife have opened a pay-what-you-can restaurant in New Jersey. The menu includes cornmeal crusted catfish and grilled salmon with soul seasoning. And if you can’t pay, then there are plenty of volunteer jobs available for you to earn your meal.

From the Portland Press Herald: Of course, to feed a lot of people, you need farms. But the high cost of land makes it difficult for young farmers to buy their own land. In Bowdoinham “George Christopher, a visionary farmer who has bequeathed his property to Maine Farmland Trust,” has begun leasing some of his land to young farmers. I can’t help, of course, but think of Winthrop’s own Farmer Kev and his desire to have a farm.

From inhabit: Think you can’t have a farm in the city? Think again. In cities, there are miles and miles of flat rooftops that get full sun. This slide show of one rooftop farm in New York City is nothing short of amazing.

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