From the blog Henbogle: Ali takes on Mark Bittman and his dismissive treatment of pie. A staunch defender of pies, Ali includes photos of her own beautiful creations.

From the New York Times: In France, politicians from the left and the right come together over—surprise!—food. My favorite quotation in the piece comes from a deputy in the National Assembly (think Congress) : “It is our national responsibility to cook and to eat well.” If only our politicians would subscribe to this philosophy!

From the Portland Press Herald: Angela May Bell, a vegan and a long-distance runner, explains how she combines the two. The article includes a picture of her, and let’s just say that Bell looks very, very healthy.

More from the New York Times: Oh, those French! Timothy Egan explores why they eat so well and yet manage to stay slim and healthy.

From the Guardian: An article about eating bugs. “Prejudice, prejudice, thy strength is enormous!”

Addendum: I came across this blurb from the Bowdoin Daily Sun after I posted today’s piece: What one man with one reusable cup can save in trash over the years. The numbers really add up. I am not as diligent in this regard as I should be, and Chris Taylor’s example reminds me to try harder. Fifteen thousand cups is a lot of cups to not go in the landfill.