From Grist: Philadelphia has been subsidizing healthy food with its Philly Food Bucks, which “offers food stamps recipients a 40 percent subsidy at farmers markets.” Apparently, the program has been a huge success, but—no surprise!—they are running out of money. Truly, more money should be going into programs such as this.

From the Guardian: Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall makes an eloquent case for eating more vegetables and less meat. “To summarise, we need to eat more vegetables and less flesh because vegetables are the foods that do us the most good and our planet the least harm.” Yes, indeed!

From the blog 2 Minutes to Dinner: Chef Ronna Welsh has published a letter from a New York farmer who was hit hard by Hurricane Irene. Very moving and a reminder of how extreme weather can destroy livelihoods as well as homes.

From the Portland Press Herald: Pizza, pizza, pizza! Made on a mobile wood-fired oven that might be coming to a town near you.

From and Felisa Rogers’s blog Scavenger: A good piece about how thrift and creativity can and should be combined.

From the Bowdoin Daily Sun: Great photos of their organic garden. Wow, that garden is a beauty. I am especially envious of their basil. (Mine did so poorly this year.) How heartening it is to see a college growing some of the food that is fed to its students.