From the New York Times: A piece by Melissa Clark about ways to cook eggplant. Oh, how I love eggplant. I’ll be trying some of her recipes, that’s for sure.

From Specialty Food Magazine: Candy, candy, candy. No, it’s not good for you, but in these sour economic times, who couldn’t use a sweet treat? Apparently, a lot of people feel this way, and candy sales are up.

From the New York Times: Swapping Meats for Nuts to Lower Diabetes Risk. With such high levels of diabetes in American society, this piece is well worth reading. It reinforces Michael Pollan’s advice: Eat mostly plants. And perhaps a little low-fat dairy, too. (I noticed there was no mention of candy…)

From the Washington Post: More about eggplants. They can be pickled! This slide show takes you through the steps.

From When Eating Local Is the Cheapest Option. From Scavenger, a blog about, well, scavenging during tough economic times.

From the Portland Press Herald: If you have an abundance of home-grown tomatoes and don’t want to can them, then here is a nifty idea by Anne Mahle, who writes a column called The Maine Ingredient.

2 thoughts on “AUGUST 12, 2011: BITS AND BOBS FROM THE INTERNET”

  1. Hey-You can freeze tomatoes whole! Who knew! We are having ricotta pesto souffle from (Moosewood Broccoli Forest Book), salad from the garden and bloody mary’s tonight. Ever since I saw “Forks Over Knives” I’ve been staying away from meat pretty much–with occasional lapses. My blood pressure went down about 10 points!
    See you at the movies!

    1. I didn’t know either! By the by, ricotta pesto soufflé sounds great. And so do the bloody Mary’s 😉 See you at the movies, indeed!

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