From the New York Times: An article by David Carr about a new food magazine (in print!) called Lucky Peach. Along with describing this quirky magazine—which I would love to read—Carr also discusses how print magazines are finding a way in the world of electronic publishing. Mainly, by appealing to a niche audience and by having both quality and heft. As the former publisher of a small magazine—Wolf Moon Journal—I found the bits about publishing particularly interesting.

From the New York Times: Mark Bittman makes it perfectly clear that he is not impressed with McDonald’s decision to include apples in Happy Meals. Ditto for the concept of “big food” regulating itself.

From the Portland Press Herald: Vesta Rand’s nifty idea for a portable hikers’ snack: apples stuffed with peanut butter, hummus, or cream cheese with various tidbits to jazz up the fillings. Fall and fresh apples are just around the corner. I’m thinking that on crisp but sunny day, I’ll make some of these snacks, gather the husband and the dog, and head out for a walk somewhere.

From the Associated Press: Is eating healthy a privilege of the rich? As someone who lives on a modest budget, I struggle with this all the time. Fruits, vegetables, beans, rice. Organic. Local. Free range. Antibiotic free. The more you add to the list, the more expensive food becomes.

From the website of David Tanis, a writer and chef: “Cooking for others is a generous and civilized act, even if it’s just a simple pot of beans.” My sentiments exactly.

From The Diane Rehm Show: Diane Rehm’s August 4th show was about the crisis in Somalia brought about about by a combination of climate change, with the result being extreme drought, and bad governing, which makes a terrible situation worse. A tragic, cautionary tale for the whole world.