From the New York Times: Maine lobster storms the Big Apple. The good news is that because of the abundance of Maine lobsters, New Yorkers can now easily feast on this delectable crustacean. The bad news is that there is an abundance of Maine lobster partly because of overfishing of cod, which, in turn, feed on lobster. (As the piece points out, credit for the abundance of Maine lobster must also be given to “sustainably-minded lobstermen.”) My own comment on how a lobster roll should be prepared: just give me the lobster with a touch of mayonnaise. Celery, parsley, garlic? Forget about it.

From New York: A disturbing piece about commercial fishing, quotas and regulation, and too much waste of fish. Sometime there really aren’t any easy answers. (Other than don’t eat fish?)

From Time: On the other hand, sometimes there are easy answers. In this case, stop killing sharks for their fins. According to the writer, Bryan Walsh, fin soup doesn’t even taste all that good.

From the Portland Press Herald: On a more upbeat note…It seems that young children really will eat kale as well as tempeh and quinoa. It happens all the time at Youth & Family Outreach daycare center in Portland, Maine, thanks to the center’s cook, K Yaks, who also uses as much local food as she can. And if it can be done in this daycare center, where “[s]seventy-nine percent of [the] families are low income” then it can be done throughout the state.

4 thoughts on “JULY 13, 2011: BITS AND BOBS FROM THE INTERNET”

  1. I think a big part of getting people to eat kale, etc., is NOT to serve it Popeye style, i.e. boiled until slimy. There’s not enough bacon in the world to sprinkle over boiled to death spinach, kale, etc. to make it tasty!

    Kale chips, kale salad, stir fries with lots of veggies, even rolled into a flank steak or in a quiche. YUM!

    1. Right you are! I still have childhood memories of eating spinach that had been boiled to a soggy mass and then topped with vinegar. It was a horror to me, but in those days, kids ate what was on their plate. Much better to have kale chips, salads, stir fries, and other delectable options.

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