Here are some “bits and bobs,” as someone from the UK might put it, that I’ve found on the Internet. First, I’ll start with the master—Mark Bittman—and his 101 Fast Recipes for Grilling. Think grilling is only for meat and fish? Think again. In this list, Bittman has twenty-five delectable suggestions for grilled vegetables. Of course, there are also ideas for meat and fish, including one for bacon-wrapped hot dogs. When Bittman writes, “You know you want one,” he is certainly speaking to my husband, Clif, whose passion for hot dogs is legendary.

From the Los Angeles Times: A vegan and a vegetarian couple go on a 5,000-mile road trip to visit family and friends. Their goal was to stick to their foodie principles and eat healthy, vegetarian food from Los Angeles to Florida and then back again. And by gum, unless they’re holding out on us, it sounds as though they accomplished their goal. A bonus: They didn’t gain any weight, no small feat on such a long road trip.

From the Miami New Times: For pure folly, this one can’t be beat. A thief leaves a fishy trail, and I mean this literally. Hint to would-be fish thieves: bring a cooler.

From the Portland Press Herald: Meatless Mondays at Sebago Brewing Co. According to Johns Hopkins’s Ralph Loglisci, “People are open to change on Monday.” Ah, Monday, Monday.

From the Washington Post: I have always considered “foam” to be a trendy, somewhat freakish fad. But maybe it isn’t. As Andreas Viestad points out to foam fanatics, “[w]hat you are doing is not so new.” Examples? Whipped cream, milk shakes, meringues. All right. I’m convinced.