Farmer Kev's vegetablesThis year, we decided to join Farmer Kev’s CSA program. (Farmer Kev—aka Kevin Leavitt—is an extraordinary young farmer who lives in our town.) On Saturday, we received our first delivery. That’s right, Farmer Kev delivers. (We also have an “egg lady” who delivers our eggs. All we need is to find someone who delivers milk, and we’ll be convinced that we’ve zipped back to the 1950s.)

For this first delivery, Farmer Kev gave us two huge bags of lettuce and spinach and some snappy radishes, all packed in a funky wooden crate. We’ll certainly be eating very healthy this week!

Farmer Kev has done something interesting with his invoice. We bought a half share for $200, and along with listing that, he also itemized the spinach, lettuce, and radishes, giving them a market value of $10.75. In my opinion, he went a little low. Two big bags of organic lettuce would certainly go for more than $4. However, it will be interesting to see how the two sides—what we’ve paid vs. what we receive—balance out as the season progresses. If the first week is any indication, then I expect we’ll more than get our money’s worth.

Tonight, we’ll be having a huge Mexican salad for dinner, using the spinach and the lettuce from Farmer Kev’s garden and adding black beans, leftover ground turkey, olives, cheese, and salsa.

I’m hungry for it already.