Earth day (April 22) is a week away, and various communities around Maine have events planned not only for the actual day but also for the whole week. This is certainly the case in Winthrop. My husband, Clif and I are helping with A Mostly Maine Potluck Dinner to be held on Earth Day at Winthrop High School, but there are many other events offered as well—films and workshops for both children and adults. The town of Winthrop’s website has a list of events. Readers in central Maine might want to check it out.

For those who live within driving distance of Portland, there is a Food+Farm series, featuring the movie The Greenhorns, which is about young farmers. There will also be a talk given by the food writer and activist Anna Lappe, whose most recent book is Diet for a Hot Planet: The Climate Crisis at the End of Your Fork and What You Can Do About It. The Food+Farmers series starts this Thursday, with The Greenhorns being shown on Saturday. Unfortunately, there just isn’t time in our schedule to go to Portland this Saturday. Otherwise, Clif and I would be there.

The subject of young farmers is one that is dear to my heart. In the United States, the average age of the farmer is 57. (I’ve written about this both for A Good Eater and for the magazine Maine Food & Lifestyle.)  After, all no farmers=no food, and with the price of land and the cost of health insurance, we better darned well be thinking about how we can help the next generation of farmers.

Anyway, lots to do in Maine for the upcoming week!


  1. Hey, check out The Town That Food Saved by Ben Hewitt. Hewitt is a farmer/writer from Hardwick VT, and his book is about Hardwick’s slow metamorphosis back into a food-centered community. He just came to Colby to speak and was excellent. A good read for Earth Week!

    1. Darn! I didn’t know that Hewitt was going to speak at Colby. I would have liked to have heard him. I’ve read the book and thought it was very good. And, yes, an excellent read for Earth Week.

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