Tubby’s has been open for nearly two weeks, and I’m not going to reveal how many times my husband, Clif, and I have stopped there for ice cream. Let’s just say that it’s been quite a few and leave it at that. 

Our summer routine goes something like this: Clif comes home from work. There is still quite a bit of daylight left, which means there is plenty of time for a bike ride. Our favorite route is along Memorial Drive, which runs by Maranacook Lake, a lovely ride that is relatively flat. At least for Winthrop. We go about eight miles and are working up to ten. On the way back, as we head toward town, Tubby’s is only a half-mile or so away from where we have to turn off to head home. How can we resist swinging by? All too often, we don’t. With our bikes propped nearby, we eat ice cream and sit on the low stonewalls that have been built around Tubby’s little gardens. The night is warm. People are waiting for ice cream. Summer, lovely summer. 

Recently in the Advertiser, a small area paper, there was another article about Tubby’s and the delights awaiting Winthrop residents. According to the article, the restaurant will open sometime around Labor Day, and it will have a seating capacity of about eighty. (With the current small parking area, Clif and I are wondering where everyone is going to park. After all, not everyone rides a bike to Tubby’s, and, alas, summer in Maine ends all too soon.) The promised menu includes lobster rolls, steak bombs, burgers, and, of particular interest to me, French fries. Oh, how I love fries. Will Tubby’s be frozen or hand cut? The suspense is nearly unbearable, and while I certainly don’t want to rush summer, my mind can’t help casting ahead to fall, when the question will be answered. 

Then there is the promised “good old-fashioned candy shoppe” with its selection of “sweet treats, penny candy, chocolate, nuts, home ground peanut butter, fudge…” Candy lovers will need no further descriptions. I certainly don’t.

So far, my favorite ice cream at Tubby’s is coconut, and I have a hard time branching out. But summer is still relatively young, and when I have had my fill of coconut, I’ll try some of the other flavors. Chocolate with chocolate chips is on my mind. As is chocolate with white chips. And, for some reason, grapenut is always appealing. I know. It is the type of ice cream a grandmother might eat. In fact, it was my own grandmother’s favorite flavor. 

Sometimes, grandmothers are on to something.

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