Prepare for Astonishment

All right. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe it’s been far too long since I’ve been on the patio. Maybe it’s been too long since I’ve had the fluttering birds around me. But readers, the difference between last week and this week has me in a flurry of excitement. Finally, finally, the snow is melting in our backyard.

Cue the visuals. This was our backyard last week.

Here it is this week.

Is that not progress? Or, how about this?

Last week.

This week.

And the back flower bed is—wait for it!—completely snow free.

There has been so much progress with melting snow that next week I should be able to start picking up all the sticks and branches that have fallen over the winter. Be still, my trembling heart.

I will admit that the progress has been slower in the front yard.

Last week.

This week.

Still, progress has been made.

I can hear the snickers of those who live in places where Spring is in full bloom. But for this Mainer, the dream of Spring is becoming a reality. By the end of theΒ  month, the small patio table will be out, and Clif and I will raise our glasses to beautiful Spring.

Just you wait.

42 thoughts on “Prepare for Astonishment”

  1. Lovely post,
    Here in Champlain Valley the snow is mostly gone. It was beautiful but its departure is also a relief. Our porch table is out, a bit of early season optimism…..

  2. The yard is clearing. Hooray! Clif won’t be steadfastly measuring for much longer. Still, it’s not happening fast enough for me!

  3. I feel you joy!
    We keep being given tantalizing days of sunshine followed by hideous grey wet windy ones – sending us right back into winter. My internal thermostat is in a right old muddle.

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