Giving Thanks for Our Library

Tomorrow, in the United States, we will celebrate Thanksgiving, a holiday where we get together with family and friends, stuff ourselves silly, and give thanks for all the good things we have in our lives. Quite often, we have Thanksgiving at the little house in the big woods, but this year, Gail, our son-in-law’s mother, is hosting the big event.

I must admit I’m a little relieved. Between the new stove—more on that next week—and a craft fair on Saturday, where we have a table, we are as busy as can be. And to add just a little more hectic fun to the holiday, at the last minute, we agreed to be part of a pop-up holiday sale in Hallowell, a small, arty city not far from where we live.

Busy or not, I can still find time to be thankful, and this year I am especially thankful for our town’s newly-expanded library. (Full disclosure: I am a trustee, and I worked on the library campaign.) Our community raised a million dollars for this project—no small feat for a town of 6,000. We had our ups and some very big downs, but in the end, the expansion was built.

And what a jewel it is! We now have a large events room; an airy, expanded children’s area; a teen area, where there are intense scrabble games most afternoons; events galore; movies; and books, books, books. Add a wonderful staff—Richard, Shane, Ann, Nancy, Kat, and Cindy—and you have a library that is absolutely central to the town.

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration for me to write that the library is essential to my intellectual and creative life, Most of the books I read and most of the movies I watch come from the library. I would be lost without it.

So this Thanksgiving, I am especially grateful to have such a terrific library a mile from the little house in the big woods. Long live libraries!




19 thoughts on “Giving Thanks for Our Library”

    1. At our library, paper books are still very much the thing. And our young librarians—millennials, all—have assured me that their generation are very keen on paper books. So there is hope.

  1. Sounds like a wonderful new addition with something of interest to everyone, a real community center. I love that!
    Happy Turkey Day – and I hope your things sell well this weekend. 🙂

  2. Libraries are still places of magic to me. It must feel satisfying to walk into yours and know that your efforts contributed to the expansion. More books!! Enjoy the Hallowell sale. I am tempted to head over there, but I think I’ll be headed in the opposite direction to the coast for some shopping this weekend.
    I’ll echo Judy to say, Happy Thanksgiving, neighbor!

    1. So true!Libraries are places of magic. “Take a look…it’s in a book…” So nice to have blogging friends who are “neighbors”! A belated happy Thanksgiving to you.

    1. Yes! Very important as shared spaces. Now that there is an honest-to-God teen space, the teens come in droves to the library. How cool is that? They take out books and movies. They have intense games of Scrabble. This sure warms the heart of this nerdy girl 😉

    1. Sheryl, they certainly are! In truth, I don’t know what I’d do without my library. How cool that you are a librarian.

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